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Cloud Contact Center

The cost-benefit analysis of the cloud topples the existing dogma that employees must be on-site and visible to the managers.

Use Aavaz- the call center without walls

Streamlined Solutions

Aavaz lets you handle your calling operations within your staff (remote or on-premise) with streamlined ease (send campaign specific email, brochures for RFI’s from within Aavaz)

Business Phone Systems

Aavaz includes within it a seamless suite of business phone systems without the hardware
and purchases of expensive phone equipment. Try our virtual PBX services

Mobile, Secure and International

With our Mobile capabilities, your agents can work in the field or in an entirely different country.

Aavaz is secure and easy to use anywhere.
  • Cloud Contact Center
  • Streamlined Solutions
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Mobile, Secure and International
Aavaz is used for the following
Aavaz For Sales and Marketing Aavaz For Service and Support Aavaz For Small/Medium Business or Enterprise

Aavaz Advantages

Moving away from hardware solutions from your call center has many advantages. Aside from the obvious cost benefits, we will outline some of the important reasons to switch to the Cloud, a Software as a Service, a Hosted Solution—which are all the same thing: your own web-based contact center.

Hosted Solution

Virtual PBX allows screen pops for inbound calling, ticket handling all whilst assigning queues with exact skill-sets

Replace your office extensions with the use of Aavaz with our IVR+ features

Unlimited data storage for any and all campaigns that never expire or disappear due to hardware malfunction

Remote and Mobile Accessibility

With our free android mobile app your agents can be ANYWHERE in the world at no added infrastructure costs. The possibilities are endless for handling calls from different time zones.

Human Resource Advantages

Less expensive IT resource costs because you do not have to install or purchase hardware or request manual troubleshooting,

With easy scalability, you have the ability to demand generate against unexpected high volume call times


Whisper, Barge In, Listen enables you to train and monitor your agents carefully while offering them coaching opportunities on the spot.

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