Reports generated by Aavaz are key to ensuring that our Client callers and campaigns are performing. It provides summaries and suggestive indicators with drilled down details of every calls made. A favorite among our clients.


Real-time reports provide statistics and key performance indicators (KPIs), so that supervisors can more effectively monitor the contact center, manage agents and queues, and accelerate responses to changing conditions. Keep a finger on the pulse of your contact center operation with the Aavaz Dashboard, which enables you to set thresholds and alerts on real-time statistics like ACD queues, agents, campaigns, and lists.


Create personalized dashboards in minutes without any training or IT assistance. See what’s happening in real-time—whether you are in the same building as your agents or you’re halfway around the world.


Key features of Aavaz reporting system:

Aavaz summary report: Get all the additional summary information plus other calculated information to let you identify which campaigns and which callers are getting you results. Aavaz detailed call list disposition
report: This is a great report to look at to identify any problem areas discovered in the summary reports.
Aavaz All calls made report: This report will help you identify any suspected missing calls or calls made that were not for a particular campaign.


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