LinkedIn – An Easy Way For Financial Advisers To Connect To Clients

In the era of the internet most communications take place in the virtual world, rather than in the real one. The reasons are the same of everyday:

  • The internet is practical and easy to use
  • The internet is 24/7 accessible and available
  • Quickest communications help both sides (the sender and the receiver) to grow better and to keep informed in almost real time
  • There are plenty of ways to communicate via internet
  • Social networks represent an easy and quick way to get in touch to specific categories of people or professionals.

A Weird LinkedIn Phenomenon With Financial Advisers  

For example, financial firms today show to appreciate the use of certain tools of communication, like call centers (that should work 24 h per day), Customer Service offices(with specialized employees in PR), online networks like LinkedIn, which is a specific network and communication tool for professionals and businesses.

A weird yet common phenomenon is also happening in the world of LinkedIn: financial advisers who keep a list of professional contacts, mostly clients or businesses in partnership, may decide to switch to another financial firm and to take their list of contacts with them. For clients this means to be contacted by the same financial adviser but under a different firm’s name!

This can be annoying for clients who don’t need information or other about different financial firms than the one they joined.

Washington Capital Group For Reliable Advisers

This “switching firm” problem is becoming common and boring for clients. That’s why you should always check the certifications and licenses of a financial firm before to join for a professional relationship.

As a client, you have full right to request such certifications: you need to know if and how much you can trust a certain financial firm.

With Washington Capital Group scam stories are impossible to happen: actually this well established and competitive financial firm is one of the most reliable in the world you might find.

While other financial firms in the same pool start up and then switch to different firms, Washington Capital Group is always there like ever and even becoming larger: recently, a new Washington Capital Group’s office has been opened in Tokyo, Japan, in the heart of the capital city and in a professional environment of high level.

Successful Investments Happen Every Day With WCG!

At this point, it’s easy to believe that successful investments are a regular part of the professional activity of the numerous employees at Washington Capital Group.

The specific approach to finance and financial issues is the most relevant characteristic at Washington Capital Group. In fact, this growing and lively financial firm proposes clients personalized sets of financial services, which may vary in number and in size according to each individual client’s needs.  

In fact, not all investors can put in the markets the same amount of money and not all of them have the same one aim in mind – so, it’s clear that if you want to offer client exactly the services they are in need of, you have to give them only what they need!

From this easy proposition, the team of Washington Capital Group understood the importance of offering clients only targeted and unique services in all financial fields: investments, financial management, consultancy.