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  • Aavaz Predictive Dialer

    image01 Advanced AI driven Predictive Dialer!

    image01 Set it and forget it intelligence

    image01 Flexible telephony - on premise or distributed at home

    image01 Contact aware with contextual Info for agents

    image01 Fully compliant with FTC/Ofcom


Aavaz Predictive Dialer

  • Advanced AI driven Predictive Dialer!
  • Set it and forget it intelligence
  • Flexible telephony - on premise or distributed at home
  • Contact aware with contextual Info for agents
  • Fully compliant with FTC/Ofcom

A Predictive dialer increases agent productivity by reducing the time they spend dialing and waiting for lines to connect.
The Aavaz predictive dialer is contact aware - meaning it knows the contacts you're dialing and their history - it isn't just dumb dialing numbers.
The predictive dialer is AI based, so you just set the FTC/Ofcom compliant rates and Aavaz will do the rest. It will automatically overdial by learning the characteristics of the list at any given point in time and will maximize the number of calls you can make without crossing the compliance thresholds. You don't have to do anything to manage the ratios of lines or other similar calculations. No intervention necessary.
What is a predictive dialer As the name suggests - a predictive dialer is an automated dialer that is dialing more numbers than you have available agents.
The best way to explain a predictive dialer is with a simple example. Let's say you have 10 agents, and so far the list of contacts that you're dialing is getting answered 50% of the time. Given this fact, if you knew that 3 of your agents are free, the predictive dialer can safely assume that if it dials 6 calls, most likely you will get 3 answered calls and your 3 agents will now be busy talking.
The "Predictive" part of the dialer is predicting when to dial and how many numbers to "over dial" based on the numbers of agents you have.

When to use predictive dialers

To run successful predictive dialing campaigns ensure that the following parameters are met:

  • Have more than 10 agents
  • You're calling consumers directly
  • Sample campaigns - Political, Nonprofit fundraising, Debt Collection, Surveys, Attendance

When not to use predictive dialers

As predictive dialers are based on statistical averages if you're calling any of the following the stats will not work and the predictive dialers will fail to get you any noticeable improvements.

  • Less than 10 agents
  • Calling businesses
  • You have a list of well known contacts that are going to answer your call more often than not.

A note on Answering Machine Detection
The phone company does not send a signal that an answering machine has picked up your call. The only way of telling if a human or Answering machine has picked up, is by listening to the called party. Just like a human a predictive dialer has to listen for a "Hello" followed by a pause (You can fool humans too with cleverly recorded greetings:). A predictive dialer by law is only allowed 2 seconds to determine this, which can result in false positives.

Why Choose Aavaz

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