Telemarketing Tips

Top 10 Telemarketing Tips for Outbound Calling

As a manager you should know these telemarketing tips for an effective and successful telemarketing campaign.

  • Telemarketing Tip #1: Know who your target audience is – Decision makers and influencers.
  • Telemarketing Tip #2: Know your product.
  • Telemarketing Tip #3: Write your script and gather your brochures – then don’t use them.
  • Telemarketing Tip #4: Identify pain points that your potential customer is facing. Then focus on addressing those first, then do the dog and pony show.
  • Telemarketing Tip #5: No! You don’t need to know everything about the person you’re calling. In fact the opposite.
  • Telemarketing Tip #6: It’s a numbers game first. Enable your callers to be efficient.
  • Telemarketing Tip #7: Yes! Your callers will do everything – including tying their shoe laces before making calls.
  • Telemarketing Tip #8: Know what your callers are doing at all times. Establish baselines based on your best callers.
  • Telemarketing Tip #9: Get good prospect lists. Extremely high dial rates could mean bad lists.
  • Telemarketing Tip #10: Track down every lead, call-back, RFI. Don’t let even one of them drop.

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