DATA IS GOLD! Surprising Places You Can Find Data For Your Outbound Telemarketing!

Small business owners are often intimidated and frustrated by the lack of data that is available without making the expensive decision to purchase data.


We’re here to tell you about all the places we looked for “free” warm lead data for a successful telemarketing campaign and for you to try them too!


1. Past Customers: These customers ARE the epiphany of golden, warm, even HOT leads! Don’t overlook them. Even if you provided services to them that are unrelated to your existing campaign, give them a call, tell them what you’re trying to promote and if they’re not interested…ask for their support by sharing the news and keeping you in mind for referrals.


2. Your Supplier List: Suppliers are business owners too! Pitch them just as you would pitch your obvious leads list.


3. Your staff: Ask your staff to scan their personal networks and let you know if they think people they know might be interested in your product. To incentivize them, offer them a small thank you bonus if the sale goes somewhere.


4. Read the Newspaper: there’s a WEALTH of contact information in newspapers. Whether its businesses posting job vacancies, ads, company news—it’s a GREAT way to get warm leads. Your conversation can begin with “I saw your article in the newspaper! Congratulations!”


5. Trade/Industry Magazines: Where do your customers advertise? You will find their competitors there too!


6. Social Media: It’s Social Media galore out there. Now, more than ever, companies are posting content and putting information out there about themselves. Study their pages, their clients, and reach out to them as a well informed caller.


Overall…BE CREATIVE. Don’t resort to expensive list buying until you’ve tried some of the above tips. It may take some more time…but the pay-off is so much higher because these are essentially warmer than COLD leads. Happy calling!