Great Lead-Ins For Introducing Yourself To A Prospect Or Lead!

One of the things that we kept in mind when designing Aavaz was to ensure that the caller would be as efficient as possible. We kept the amount of information presented to a maximum of 1 line as we felt that more information would be distracting and slow the caller down. Now that works great if you’re cold calling and just trying to get through lists as fast as possible. There are however, situations, especially when you’re calling business where doing a little bit of background research can get you an asymmetric amount of advantage compared to the time spent on your calling. This comes out from the fact that the person on the other end knows that you’re looking at them as a person and not just a voice. Just knowing their title, what they did recently, what questions they’ve been asking on forums and how your product can help their particular situation can quickly warm up a cold call significantly.


Now, we don’t want you to spend hours doing research, so Aavaz provides some basic indicators like the website, email and call history. You’d be surprised how much you can learn from name, company website and email on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook etc. We’d suggest pick one and build a routine to not spend more than a minute on getting just some basic information.


Now when you call you should say something like “I love your website”, “I saw your post on this problem that you were having, and our product can help”. Think about it….so much better than “I’m calling for company XYZ and thought that this product is going to be of help to you”. The first set would get you at the very least a “Thank you, what can I do for you” and the latter would most likely get an “I’m not interested at this time.” Basic human psychology at work!