I Told You! Take Me Off Your List!

We’ve all been contacted, at-least once, by a repeat offender of the dreaded “fact mishap” caller! You know, the kind that has been given your number off a list that you have repeatedly asked to be removed from because “it’s the wrong number” or “you’re not interested” or “you’re already made your purchase elsewhere” or….well, you get the idea.


Don’t you wonder…if I am such the important contact to this company, then why aren’t they treating my information a little better?


We, at Aavaz, have built important note-taking features for the callers who use our system, created call back reminders, introduced list de-duplicators, and even created a limit (set by admins) to stop the amount of times a person gets contacted. We figure, other companies have too? Yet, these calls keep coming through and the callers keep getting hung up on.


So we ask, what are the fool proof methods in which we can ascertain that a certain contact just…”get heard”. As an admin, aside from listening to each call, what else can be done to keep callers from being bombarded by these mishaps?  Because the above described scenarios (wrong number, not interested, etc) are wasted dollars for the company. Can the problem be straight-arrowed to the lack of lists and highly eager (incentivized) callers?