Is Your Speaking Rate Too Fast, Too Slow, Or Just Right?

Get a stop watch, Start the clock, then stop, after 1 minute.


This begins our test of telemarketing speech rate. We will measure our speech rate by reading out below sentences in normal manner.


Start reading now.


Aavaz was launched to give small businesses the benefits of call center operations from the confines of their own offices.


As small business owners ourselves we wanted to run a professional calling campaign for marketing and lead generation. We wanted a product that offered the features and the benefits of a call center-like product that would run on its own tracks.


(Word count 61)


At the core, we are a technology solutions company. And in our dealings, we came across a client who wanted us to build a web-based outbound calling custom software solution for them. With time, our relationship grew from client/vendor to a vested partnership. Through this, we created a small business version of extremely high-tech web-based software that is being used by multi-national corporations (MNCs).


(Word count 127)


As entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity un-matched by anything we have seen in the industry. We saw a product for ourselves and for organizations such as ours– but with the expertise and flawless thinking that came from experienced telemarketers.


(Word count 167)


This is a test. This is only a test of our speech rate.