Tips For A Successful Telemarketing Campaign




1. Hire telemarketers that LOVE what they do

This is may seem plainly obvious, but often business owners will hire telemarketers that they can “train” or teach skills to. We see this often spike in the summer where students are looking for summer jobs, for example. It is difficult to motivate and inspire people who aren’t naturally outbound dialers AND salespeople who LOVE working for your company and what you stand for.


Take our word for it: spend the extra time to find the eager, ambitious candidate who will make the right calls on your behalf.


2. Use a GOOD list

This will not only ensure a better success rate but also have keep your callers motivated to do a better job. Often, we see notes on our prospect updates that state “wrong person”, or “different industry” or “not the decision-maker, won’t pass me the information to the right person”. If this repeatedly occurs, you are wasting time (and money), your caller’s morale is sliding, and your results are getting compromised.


Make the investment: get a list-broker or take the effort to clean your in-house list BEFORE you reach out to your clients to make offers and sell your company’s services. It’s a little more expensive, but well worth it in the long run.


3. Provide the perfect script by making the calls yourself first

There is a HUGE difference between “imagining” how a call will go versus actually how a call will run. Make 10-15 calls to get a good sound idea of the direction a call takes. Typically, things will fall into a pattern that you can easily script once you’ve attained the knowledge. Also, you can be a better call manager (and fact-checker) with your callers if you do this.


Take the time: make the calls and take out the guess-work of what and how your callers should be speaking about with your valuable prospects.


4. Hire callers with good listening skills

How often have you tried to have a conversation with a caller who is clearly following the script. Constantly remind them to listen while they are conversing with the client. Staying married to the script can be crippling to a sale. A tip to “stay listening” is to avoid interrupting, and responding out loud by saying “I see, oh really, etc”.


Remind your callers to listen: there’s nothing worse than speaking to a person on the other line who is plainly not listening to you.


5. Set Manageable goals for your sales callers

It’s important to know your average conversion rate for a typical calling campaign will be. You will get a good idea of this when you make the calls yourself as described in Step 3.


Use tried and tested goals for your sellers: don’t expect more from them than you, as an evangelist for your own business, can do. It just won’t work.