VOIP options For Phone Integration


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Here at Aavaz, we get a LOT of leads every day. In fact, we have been receiving lead after lead and, much to our chagrin, not been closing as many as we’d like for this one simple reason. Not enough options on Voice and Phone Integration – The only option we were providing was Twilio, a VoIP provider for Aavaz. Here’s why we chose Twilio…it was easy to integrate…and had the features that would enable a full blown call center environment in the cloud and enhance our own software services tremendously.


We thought our clients would LOVE Twilio and jump on board because of the fact that with the integration we could offer features such as dial disposition, get call durations and provide call recordings. It also allows you monitor and manage your callers better by allowing you to listen, whisper or barge into ongoing calls.


The REALITY…while some of our customers were very quality and feature conscious – a lot of them were very price sensitive. Even at $0.0225 (US) per min, Twilio was proving a little too expensive for our larger call volume leads (I’d like to have a follow up discussion on this, but I’ll leave the quality vs. quantity discussion for another article). They needed more options.


WE LISTENED – So based on our accidental primary research by way of client feedback and potential lead-losses we started digging. We burned the midnight oil and integrated with Skype and Google Voice. While the quality and richness of features was not going to be available…our clients were happier with these two options and loved the price…and didn’t mind making the compromise (besides if they believed there was a quality issue they could switch a caller to Twilio to monitor them when necessary).


We also created an Android app for caller to make calls directly from their phone….now the power of Aavaz is available on the move. Now believe me when I say this…it’s an overnight sensation!


We’ve also created our own hardware solution (Aavaz Box) for countries where VoIP is not legal.


And coming soon, all the power of Twilio in a much more cost effective package.


All these options while great, are a bit confusing for our clients. So we’ve created a neat little grid below to help them figure out which options works best for them. And remember, we’ve designed the software in such a way that you can mix and match for what works best when it works best.


We’ve arranged the options below from most convenient and feature rich, down to completely free. Which ever method you pick can be changed at any time.