Welcome To Our Nurture Blog!

We imagine you might be asking…Why would Aavaz, a telemarketing software, want to blog about Nurturing of all things.Well, because we believe in nurturing. This blog site has been organized within 4 categories:Nurturing Calls, Nurturing Callers, Nurturing Contacts and Nurturing Conversions


Nurturing Calls: As small business owners ourselves, we know exactly how important it is to nurture and develop our calls by virtue of conversational scripting, time-allotment, SLAs (Service Level Agreements) of 80% or higher, efficient closing and a positive experience overall.


Nurturing Callers: Your calling campaign will only be as successful as your callers. They need the proper training, the proper incentives, the proper monitoring (by way of admin reporting), and proper environment to succeed on your behalf. Too often, caller management gets neglected in the development area- (trust us! We’ve made this very mistake)- and really good talent, not to mention- training, goes directly to the waste basket.


Nurturing Contacts: how often have you been irritated by a mistaken fact about you by an innocent caller who’s just reading off a script and wanted to rip your hair out (my name is Robert not Robby!)Or if our contact is truly interested in the product we are offering, but genuinely doesn’t have time until Wednesday at 2:30 pm, we want to stop bothering him until then. That’s what we call nurturing our contacts.


Nurturing Conversions: Converting a prospect or a lead to a client means the real work has just begun. We’ve seen too often that the acquisition (or sales) team hands off acquired customers without a proper appreciation for helping the contact management team understand the history of the client. In other words, new client briefing on preferred communication, price sensitivities, important business milestones or other important bits of information that were pertinent for making the sale gets lost. We want to better ourselves (and you) with this process as right now, it’s far too overlooked.


So…here’s why we believe in nurturing. We hope you’ll join us in our quest to dialogue about best practices, criticisms (often, of the self), ideas, and successes. Please feel free to ask us questions, make suggestions on anything telemarketing or marketing related. Why we’ll even help do research for you.