What Is Telemarketing?

The best way to answer the question is by first telling what telemarketing is not…or at least how it should not be done.


The typical mental picture that most people bring up in their minds when they think about what is telemarketing, is that of being irritated by a caller asking you if you’d like to buy insurance, or have a home loan requirement (Actually it can get worse…you could get a phone call and a robot will ask you that question). This is probably the worst example of telemarketing…but what’s more compelling is that these calls are still being made and that your phone is still ringing! The truth is- if telemarketing wouldn’t work, the only non-stop calls you’d be getting on your phone is from your overbearing mom asking you what you were up to every five minutes! Guys- telemarketing works! 


Going back to the roots – The word “marketing” is supposed to be a way to reach out to customers to let them know that you’re there and are providing a service that they may want. By doing this activity over the phone you have…what is telemarketing. The reason that this gets such a bad name is because unlike most other marketing efforts this method really does interrupt whatever the potential customer is doing in the quest to see if they may need your service. It also gets a bad name because the worst telemarketers do not use a good system(like Aavaz), train their callers, get clean lists or polish their message. A lot of telemarketers just dial numbers randomly…they may not even have names associated with the numbers that they’re dialing.


I don’t know if you remember, but once in a while you do get a phone call for something that you’re interested in. You never really remember this because you’ve just had something hand delivered to you instead of you doing the work to find it. Ideally that is the best form of telemarketing. The one that gives you a pleasant surprise.


The best telemarketing is usually something that goes hand in hand with some other activity. Like a TV Commercial that says dial in or fill out a web form if you’re interested in learning more. Once you’ve indicated a preference or someone else has a general idea of your preference for a certain class of things then the call is not hated and in fact appreciated. Telemarketing further gets a boost by using a good system to help do proper follow ups, call backs or just ensuring that you or someone else on your team doesn’t call a customer once they’ve indicated that they’re not interested.


Hope this answers the question on “what is telemarketing”. If you have any further questions please feel free to Contact Us