Which Industries Can Benefit From Telemarketing….. Hint: Everyone…Learn How.




I worked for a company that sold summer dresses to Boutiques across Canada and the US. Every season they would send out flyers and then follow up with calls. You’d be surprised that even keeping track of calls to 600 boutiques was painful. We got so many call backs not followed up on, leads not closed that it was obvious that a proper system would have been helpful (which back then was a software called GoldMine by ACT…super painful).


cold calls


I then worked in a computer store and whenever they had some downtime they wanted me to call. Trust me…as a person who did not want to do the calling…. I know the managers had no idea how many calls were made, I was not interested and the effort was essentially a complete waste. A proper system would have probably turned the goal of using the idle hours into something that was a success. I then worked at a Tax collection office. There was a lot of calling that had to be done there. It helps to know that you tried to call this person 5 times already and exactly what excuse they made each time.


There’s someone I knew that ran a call center to sell Microsoft Support. The US government didn’t take too lightly to that. He still made some money (Don’t recommend this).

A company that does event management – they have to do a ton of calling to follow up with invitees to increase the number of people that will be attending the campaign.



So guys, if you’re a small business, a consulting firm, an event managing company, a sales company, a data company, are working from home, a bakery, a clothing shop or anything in between—remember, outbound calling and telemarketing, at the end of the day,  is a human touch…and if you’re not trying it…you should!