Why Warm Calling Is Better Than Cold Calling

You would be surprised at how many people don’t know about this simple tip. It is so much better to call someone who already knows you than calling someone who has never heard of you. So the question is – how do you get someone who doesn’t know you to know you.


Here are some simple tips that help you do cold calling better…or should we say warmer


Warm calling Tip #1: Is it warm in here – Send in an email to the prospect before calling. In fact if possible send a few emails.


Warm calling Tip #2: Take me to the Bahamas – Make sure that the emails that you send have some that is interesting to the person you’re calling – like a free report that will help them do their job better.


Warm calling Tip #3: It’s getting hot in here – Send them a physical mail – send them something interesting (and cheap) along with information about yourself.


Now when you call them, ask them if they got the email, or if they downloaded the report or did they get the teddy bear. Even if they didn’t get it – it’s a great conversation starter. Offer to send it to them now and don’t forget your calling etiquette – always ask for permission for their time. Just because you’ve warmed them up, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically invited.