Company History

What initially started as a custom development project turned into a product service in the opportune cloud based contact center marketplace.

In 2004- Tekege Solutions (Aavaz parent company) was approached to develop a custom software platform for a company which he ended up partnering with and purchasing partnership rights to. This product was meant to cater to a home-based, technically savvy, highly educated work force. This meant the product had to be cloud/web based, and smartly developed in order to be help and not a hindrance for the employers who needed to monitor their international work force.  

 As the product matured, it became more and more obvious that people were looking for products just like it. With global operations advancement sky rocketing, Aavaz has become more and more in demand for managing remote employees and supporting sound calling practices. 

Fast forward 10 years and Aavaz now has the following capabilities: