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Aavaz Preview Dialer

Aavaz’s preview dialer facilitates agents need to familiarize themselves with the context of the customer relationship or the last contact just before dialing.

It allows your agents to tailor the conversation for each call according to the company’s history with the customer.  To increase productivity,  administrators can control how much time the agent has to review the contact’s details and history before the system automatically dials the customer’s number.

Clients have been using Aavaz for collection of loans where the agent needs to be aware of a complex case history.

What is Preview dialing?

Aavaz Preview Dialer

Preview dialing enables agents to first view the available information about the customer and decide when to place the call. In addition to the information about the customer, agents may also view all the history of the customer with the contact center. After viewing the information about the customer, the agent requests the system to make the call.
The system delivers preview calls to agents automatically, taking into account the priority of the call and the skills of the agent to handle the call. Preview dialing keeps agents from dialing calls manually.

Key benefits of Aavaz preview dialer:

Say goodbye to dropped calls Preview your potential customer’s information Live agent monitoring


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