Executive Team Bios

Yes- executives they are. But they don’t like to be called that. Aavaz’ senior management is a robust, energetic, beta-obsessed, customer-focused, hard working team that finds humor and joy in their everyday work life. If you deal with any of them- you will know immediately that this is a team that takes pride in what they do and more so in what they’re about to do- disrupt the cloud calling industry!

Meet Richie Chauhan, President

Richie has a degree in Computer Science from Simon Fraser University, Canada and Cal State Fullerton, California. He has intensive experience and knowledge in the field of information technology, with over 16 years of experience in successful IT and online start-ups. Nothing comes in the way when he makes up his mind about something- a true leader and professional- as is the case with Aavaz.

Meet Atul Bakshi, Chief Technology Officer

Atul has progressive experience in the IT industry, led multi-million USD worth of solution and product development and project management for global clients in the private and public sectors.  Most importantly- he has worked on new technologies and industry best practices, maximizing excellence in development and delivery establishing optimized processes for quality, risk and people management.

Atul is the newest member of our team and is already making waves but elevating the development team to new heights with his experience.

Meet Tusar Kumar, Chief of Sales and Operations

Tusar holds a Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences and a Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management. He has diverse experience in Sales and Marketing and is a valuable member of the Aavaz team. In his team are rock star sales people who thrive under his tutelage as a customer-first company. If you ever want a great on-board experience, you’ll have to call one of our team members to see just how passionate Tusar is about customer loyalty and support.

Meet Jessica Goundar, Head of Global Marketing

With a degree in Communications from California State University, Northridge—Jessica thrives within the communication medium. Her training and experience has spanned 10+ years in the marketing and advertising world and have given her the tools and expertise to work online, offline and everything in between.

She is responsible for branding, marketing, and making Aavaz memorable to the world! Her leadership style is friendly yet firm- making her a quiet force among the Aavaz team.