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    The email templates, script templates, easy to create custom fields were crucial for the type of calling I do. I can’t believe how affordable this software is for all the things that it can do.

    Benjamin Henderson, Manchester (23 callers)


    I was looking for an Inbound and Outbound solution which I got- but I changed my entire telemarketing operation with the help of your Android App! It’s so easy and very useful. And…free!Thanks Aavaz Team.

    Abhishek Bhatnagar, New Delhi (9 callers)

    “Dear Aavaz,

    Your software has surpassed my expectations. Initially, I was concerned because I was unsure that my 18 person sales team would be unable to pick up and start calling without months lost. BUT- the caller platform is so easy and so straightforward that it only took 2 hours of training to get my sales team going. That is HUGE for a business like mine. Thank you for your excellent service and continued consultation”.

    Kantilal Patel Malik, Pune (18 callers)
  • My name is Kourtney and I am in the Insurance industry. What I like to do is prospect consumers in my niche market and offer them my services. I have been looking for a way to turn my operation into a telemarketing campaign so i needed an auto dialer that had the capabilities to track my calls and help turn my leads into customers. After my research of multiple dialers I came across Aavaz. It looked like what I was looking for….but I found out that it was so much more!
    I have tried multiple products for auto dialing and Customer Managing software and what I found is that most of the products customer care service to help the client grow his business, to help them understand the features and benefits of the product just didn’t cut it. After speaking with Jessica from Aavaz and she set up time for me to walk me through the process and showed me how to get the best experience out of Aavaz….I was sold! Thanks Jessica for taking the time out for helping me understand the cool features of Aavaz. I look forward to partnering with you guys with all my endeavours

    Kourtney Hunt, Houston (2 callers)
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