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What is Aavaz?

What is Aavaz?
Aavaz is an easy-to-use web-based telemarketing software that enables
you to run any calling campaign successfully.

Why do you need Aavaz?

It's easy, that's why! Whether you're a professional caller or a first-timer, Aavaz will help you set-up and run your call campaigns in no time.

Who else is using Aavaz?

Aavaz is being used in industries like Fundraising, Event, Education, Call Centers, Recruitment, etc.


What are its benefits?

With Aavaz, business owner can run as many campaigns as they want at the same time and store unlimited prospects.

How it works?

Set-up with Aavaz on your desktop and integrate with your preferred VoIP account 

Free 14-day trial!