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Aavaz Intelligence

  • Contact Managment

    Capture lead categories, appointment follow up & lead classifications with Aavaz. You can assign contacts and lists by any which way your business process needs- territory, industry type, alphabetically, by income, or anything in between! Reporting on these metrics are also very easy with our detailed and summary excel reporting.

  • Optimized CRM with Workflows

    Along with great usability, Aavaz understands that you might have your own work flows. We can (and have) partnered with a lot of our clients to customize workflows if deemed necessary. Call us- we’re up for anything!

  • Call Back Tracking

    How many times have your callers forgotten to call a prospect back at an agreed upon time? That’s valuable data and sales that you might be throwing out the window. Aavaz was made for this type of scenario- not only do we have a cross-campaign tab for ALL call backs- we also have call back alerts.

  • Email Integration with Personalization

    Aavaz has limitless options available for you to personalize and tailor your campaign to your (or your client’s) exact needs. From scripts, surveys, custom dispositions, custom fields, emails, documents, IVR—we have thought of everything you might need to have a successful calling operation.

  • Document

    This is just ONE example of just how flexible Aavaz is. With YOU in mind- whether you’re doing retail, wholesale, inventory or anything in between- you can insert price levels to arm your sales people with bargaining power.

  • Insightful Report

    The number of reports you can pull out of Aavaz are really quite impressive. Once you download the data, you can view and review it in as many ways as possible in order to get the most out of your campaigns, callers, list vendors etc. Aavaz provides reporting anywhere from basic summary reporting to detailed call reports for Lead Generation, Event Attendance, Inbound Reports, Direct Sales and misc.

  • Screen pops for Sales and Support

  • CRM Integration

    Have your leads automatically get pushed into SalesForce and Zoho from Aavaz. Let your callers efficiently call large numbers of prospects while your internal service teams work on your CRM without any polution of data.

  • Web Form Integration

     Automatically have your web leads be assigned to a caller with Aavaz. No need to copy and paste information from your website to your calling system

  • Custom Fields

    Aavaz is a product that is used across industries. A term that is used by the real estate agent will not be the same for a science research survey for example. We understand that- and for that reason- have the custom field feature for your convenience.

  • Dynamic Disposition

    Disposition is the term used when assigning a result of a dialed call. Examples of dispositions are: no answer, left message & bad number. With Aavaz- you can assign dynamic dispositions based on rules or certain screens that you want. This screen allows you to set custom dispositions when your callers speak with a prospect.

  • Configurable Caller Scripts

    Aavaz understands that without scripts, caller management would be difficult if not impossible. We have simple and Full HTML scipt option for you to upload and assign to your campaigns. 

  • Programmable Surveys

    From open ended answers to multiple selection questions- Aavaz also offers a versatile programmable survey option. All these questions are stored in our Survey Question Bank for as long as your account is open with us so you don’t have to keep creating new surveys every time. This is not only a time saver- but also- from a research standpoint- ensures consistency.

  • Built in Lead managment

    Built in Lead Management could be anything from adding a new lead- editing the lead’s info, detailing out more information about an existing lead, following up on a lead or assigning it to another level of callers that are designated to pick up leads and convert them to sales. Aavaz is designed to keep things easy and efficient.

  • History across Outbound and Inbound

    Aavaz can handle inbound calling, with voicemail, IVR, extensions, hold music, queuing and skill based routing for your inbound call needs. Your agents will have a screen pop with the person’s data and information when they are connected.

  • Lead Tracking Assignment

    You can track your callers leads by pulling various levels of filters according to exactly how you want to view the details. Aavaz offers Caller level, Admin level, Sales level and Support level tracking and assignment for you to control.

  • Ticket Handling

  • Support Tracking and Assignment

  • Products

Call Features

  • Mobile App

    With our free mobile app- you have an extension of Aavaz while you’re on the road,managing callers from home (but don’t want the infrastructure costs), or just want to use a mobile version of our platform! You’ll be glad you did- because NO ONE can beat the usability on our Aavaz Mobile App

  • Call Recordings and Duration

    A url that you can plug into your browser to listen to calls? With the right VoIP set up, this is completely possible and is being utilized often by our clients! Our reports show them call duration, and even call results. This allows you to see which callers are not talking long enough- or those that aren’t getting off the phone! Use Aavaz as an extension of yourself on the call floor!

  • Transfer Calls to other agents

    Aavaz offers full PBX and Call Center facilities so that monitoring, queuing, recording and transfering your calls between different teams is a breeze.

  • Click 2 Call Dialer

    Click a button to dial a pre-loaded phone number OR manually dial through Aavaz (requires VoIP set up). It’s as easy as it sounds!

  • Multiple VoIP options

    Aavaz offers multiple VoIP options for your business needs. Don’t see your preferred partner here? No problem- call us and we’ll be happy to set it up!

  • Timezone Scheduler

    Ever been on those calls where you’re not sure when to schedule your call exactly because of a large time difference? We have- so we installed a time zone scheduler wherever appointments and call backs are meant to be scheduled within the platform. You’ll love this feature as much as we do.

  • Extensions

    With Aavaz- you can set up extensions through our virtual PBX! We offer a comprehensive range of features that encompass IVR, PBX, Hold music & Voicemail.

  • IVR

    Record messages, hold music per person/agent in your company. This will help your company’s appearance look professional and organized.

  • Virtual PBX

    Manage your extensions, voicemail, routing and transfers with Aavaz! We offer all the workings of a PBX system in a virtual environment so you can reduce your costs and vendor management time.

  • On Premise PBX

    Can't use VoIP or already invested in PRI lines? Use the Aavaz box to manage your extensions, voicemail, routing and transfers with Aavaz! We offer all the workings of a PBX system so you can reduce your costs and vendor management time.

  • IVR Multiple

    Have multiple phone numbers that are all incoming? No problem- you can set up multiple IVRs that cater to each phone number’s parameters. 

  • Custom Hold Music

  • Call Queuing

    You can set up your calls to queue, and custom messages or hold music will play while the call holds

  • Skill Based Routing

    If you hire helpdesk and troubleshooting along with your usual sales and service team- you will love this feature! You can assign the skill set for each caller when you’re setting them up and accordingly- the inbound calls and IVR will queue for those particular skilled people.

  • Voice Mail

    Set up voicemail, IVR, additional IVRs (for multiple numbers), night mode, day mode, and anything in between when you use Aavaz. Since we offer inbound and outbound calling- we can provide all these options for you.

  • Why Cloud Telephony Is Critical for Your Business

    If you’re still relying on clunky on-premise business communication products, you must consider upgrading to cloud based software solutions. Many small and large businesses have already made a logical switch from their old hardware-based phone systems to cloud based communication solutions. When your hardware-based phone systems crash, you are left with no other choice but to wait for your service provider to visit business premises and fix the issue. This may eat up your several hours and money, for that matter. With a Cloud telephony service contract, you can easily make changes and repair your phone system remotely without wasting much time.

    Understanding Cloud Telephony?

      Cloud telephony is a virtually hosted system that converts a regular business phone system into a business phone system stored on the cloud. Every single call that your business receives gets routed via Cloud Servers. You can store all the critical data like customer databases on the cloud, which you can access by a mobile or a web browser anytime you want. A cloud based phone system enables you to make customer calls through a web browser or a mobile app. You can easily manage both inbound and outbound calls with your customers through it.

    How does Cloud Telephony work?

      Cloud telephony offers a quick and easy way of communicating with your customers. The process works simply:
    1. You dial the desired phone number, and then you wait for the service provider to handle the call routing.
    2. Your voice signals get converted into data packets and transferred through your internet connection.
    3. You can connect with your caller through phone or computer and kick start a productive call.

    Benefits of Cloud Telephony to Small Businesses

    Cost Savings

      Cloud telephony enables you to save not only your precious time but also money. Unlike its modern counterpart, the traditional landline phone system involves expensive hardware, installation, and maintenance costs. Also, cloud telephony systems don’t take up your office space as everything stays safe in one place i.e.on your employee’s laptop. With a cloud-based telephony system, there’s nothing like long-term fixed deals. It’s all about flexible payment schedules. Therefore, the nature of the agreement of cloud-based phone systems is flexible and requires no unexpected or additional costs.

    Resilient & Reliable Phone Service

      Disaster recovery is easy with cloud telephony systems. You can stay calm even if a natural calamity hits your area, as all your business information is safe and secure on cloud storage. Additionally, you can also access your business information from any other device at any point in time. In contrast, your traditional desk phone systems and office desktops are highly likely to be affected by a natural disaster.

    Minimum Downtime

      What's worse than your phone system going down and you cannot make important calls to the customers, especially if you are into the business of providing phone support to your customers? Possibly, nothing! When you use a Cloud telephony system, you are sure that you will get the maximum up-time available. If there's anything wrong with your system in the Cloud, you can take the help of your service provider to get it up and running in no time.

    Allow Scalability of business Operations

      The nature of modern-day business is dynamic as any new need can arise anytime. For instance, SaaS products remain relevant if they offer quick customizations and updates; else, they become waste. That's not the case with cloud telephony solutions. They are highly customizable and scalable. Whether you are considering adding new people to the cloud telephony account or thinking of adding new customized features for making your CRM integration go smooth, cloud telephony covers it all.

    Constant Updates

      When you move all your business communication systems to cloud telephony, you end with the possibility of the service getting old-fashioned with time. With a properly hosted cloud-based phone solution, all the innovations occurring in the technology domain related to your business get updated in your particular communication system. This saves your time and efforts of constantly manually updating your business phone system and allows you to focus on other core business areas.

    Mobility & Flexibility

      Suppose you are waiting for a prominent call from a customer, so you can finally crack a crucial deal. With a landline phone system, the waiting time is unpredictable, and you can’t stay back in the office to take the call. In the case of cloud telephony, you are free to leave the office and get the task done from anywhere. You can have your dinner and still make a deal as you have instant access to your business contacts.

    Integrated Business Communication Systems

      Cloud telephony solutions seamlessly integrate with your business communication systems and workflows.such integration not only your team’s work pipelines but also ensures smooth workflow from a larger perspective. These streamlined workflows allow you to access every detail in a single interface.This way, your team will be able to work efficiently and deliver exceptional results in less time.

    Better handling of business Communication

      With traditional desk phones, you are not able to keep track of your comprehensive business communications. You don’t have the record of client conversations, making it difficult for you to manage information flowing inwards and outwards. The call recording feature of cloud telephony gives you complete control of your overall business communications. It gives you the record of everything; you can use call recording for reference or issue redressal at any point (if required).

    Highly Efficient Sales and Support

      The Auto Dialer feature of cloud telephony enables you to make calls, leave voicemails, eliminating the need of a support agent to be involved in any part of this process. Additionally, there’s a feature to add end call disposition notes, making the manual work of support agents almost zero as they can now get quick notes of the call’s outcome. Therefore, you are highly likely to experience a boost in productivity and efficiency in your customer support team. If you’re still perplexed about whether to make a big move of switching to cloud call center technology or not, you need to further explore the key benefits of switching to cloud call center solution.


      Cost savings, increased reliability, convenience, and scalability are key reasons that make businesses switch to cloud telephony systems. Now that you already know about the cloud telephony concept and the benefits it has to offer to your business, there’s just one thing left for you to do: Migration of your business telephone system to cloud telephony.  
  • The Significance of a Smooth Customer Call Experience

    Phone calls are most likely the first point of contact for your customers. These interactions count a lot as they can make or break your reputation in the market. Smooth conversations have great chances of conversions. By smooth we mean, a conversation that flows back and forth naturally and fulfils the objective of a call where both the parties have been heard and understood clearly.   Phone calls are a vital part of your customer success operation. Every interaction that your support team has with your customers gives them insight into what kind of company you are. No matter how well versed or soft-spoken your sales or support teams may be in offering a healthy customer experience, there's always a scope for improvement. Keeping this in mind, let's unveil the role phone calls play in ensuring a great customer experience, why they make for an essential part of your customer support, and how to improve your overall phone experience.  

    How Crucial is the Role of Phone Calls in the Customer Experience

      The time that your customer support and sales team devote to phone calls with your customers shapes the overall customer experience. Let's dig deeper into the definition of the phone experience. The Phone experience involves each and every call and interaction that your customers experience with your business throughout their journey from the first call to the most recent interaction overall. In short, the phone experience is what your customers perceive about your brand image after talking to your customer support representative.   The simplest way to enhance your phone experience is by moving to a cloud-based phone system. It enables you to integrate diverse communication channels such as email, instant messaging, and chat with your phone systems so that you can reach out to your customers in their preferred communication modes.   Studies indicate that more than 50% of the customers prefer to reach out to customer care executives by phone to resolve their queries if the matter is urgent. This is the perfect opportunity to add one more happy customer to your list of testimonials by offering a seamless phone experience to your customers. Most of the time, these customers turn into loyal customers, and you get business through these word-of-mouth recommendations.  

    What Makes for a Good Phone Experience?

      It is apparent that your customer support teams need to have good business phone etiquettes to handle the toughest calls like a breeze. They need to be soft-spoken and polite at all times. However, there are more ways to serve your customers better. One of those ways is to empathize with them and respond according to the way they think, feel, and behave. With the right technology and workflows, you can deliver exceptional customer experiences every time and set the stage for generating higher revenues as customers tend to pay more for great customer service.  

    Quick Ways to Improve Your Overall Phone Experience

    Inbound and outbound calls are a platform through which your call center can build lasting impressions on your customers. Staying in touch with your customers allows you to build long and healthy relations. Ensuring improving overall phone experience is a first step towards securing growth for your company.  

    Here's what you need to do to improve your phone as well as customer experience:

    1. Empower your sales and support representatives with the right call center solutions to offer personalized customer experiences in addition to training your support representative with the right calling strategies..
    2. Identify your target customers and understand why your product or services are crucial to them.
    3. Switch to a cloud-based phone system to monitor your call center's performance by leveraging dashboard analytics.
    4. Set up call metrics like first call resolution, average call length, conversion rate, wait times, average wait times, average speed of answer, etc. Feel free to add new metrics that will help evaluate customer experience better.
    5. You can use CRM integrations to merge all customer information into a single piece of information.
    6. Adhere to best practices for conducting call center training.
    7. Ensure your customer support representatives are highly trained in a variety of technical and soft skills.
    8. Never miss an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships by continually working on it. You can try setting up a workflow for outbound calling even when your customers are not reaching you. The best way to achieve this is by offering them sales promotions and product information about the products that they've expressed interest in the past.
    9. Always ensure that you are training your customer support representatives to take feedback from your customers during calls and timely convey their comments to the center managers. Your work shouldn't stop here; you should also implement changes as per customer feedback.

    Additional ways to Improve the Customer Phone Experience

    1. Add the power of industry-leading call center software that supports software integrations for customer support
    2. Use call recording feature to analyze calls and identify issues
    3. Train call centers on live calls by using call listening/whispering features
    4. Analyze calls with transcription software and get valuable insight
    5. Explore omni channel communication capability of call center software
    6. Use sales software to reduce the sales funnel
    7. Get instant customer feedback by using automated surveys
      Ultimately, choosing the right call center software can help your sales and support teams to enhance their customer call handling experience. Call center software offers them the right tools to improve their conversation skills and overall phone experience. As far as the right call center solution choice is concerned, then there’s no match to the benefits that Cloud based call center solutions bring to your business.    One pro tip before we end, always ask your support representatives to ask their customers if they need assistance on anything before ending the call. These small gestures go a long way in not only changing their perception of your company but also increasing the likelihood of them telling their friends about your company.  

For Larger Teams

  • Live Agent Monitoring

    Once you’re set up with a calling system, you can log in as an admin to see who is online and simply listen, whisper or barge in to talk to either the caller or both parties. This is a great way to not only train your callers- but also to keep an eye on their activities.

  • Predictive Dialer

    With the convenience of a predictive dialer-save valuable agent time with the help of our predictive dialer!

  • Preview Dialer

    Let Aavaz do the dialing for your callers! They will have a chance to review the person’s information for a certain limit of time (set by you) before they are connected.

  • 4 User Levels

  • Chat System

    Once you’re set up with a calling system, you can log in as an admin to see who is online and simply listen, whisper or barge in to talk to either the caller or both parties. This is a great way to not only train your callers- but also to keep an eye on their activities.

Call Center

  • Unlimited Data

    Unlike our competitors, we have no limits to the number of data or the time frame in which we store them. 

  • Scalable

    Aavaz can be used for 1 agent up to n agents. We are confidently handling several call centers right now.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Unlike our competitors, we have no limits to the number of contacts or the time frame in which we store them.

  • Unlimited Campaign

    Unlike our competitors, we have no limits to the number of campaigns or the time frame in which we store them.

  • Information Hiding between Clients

    If you are a data management company that offers calling services- this one’s for you! Information hiding between clients allows you to call the same number of contacts without ever compromising sensitive cross-campaign information between any of them.

  • Why Should You Ideally Use Cloud Call Center Software

    Is your call center still running on legacy on premise call center software and technology? Are you not able to add new channels of communication like SMS or Facebook Messenger or instantly update your IVR phone menu?  Is your communication technology working against you? Do you feel the pain of your communication systems impediments? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you need to optimize your existing IT ecosystem and migrate to a technology that ensures seamless customer experience by exceeding their expectations. Today, with the adoption of cloud technology picking up pace, businesses are realizing the potential benefits of switching to cloud based call centers in their particular industry. If you are still maintaining your critical customer data using an on-premise software system, you are missing out and need to replace it with a cloud based call center software. To overcome the lacunae of paralized on-premise solutions, your business needs to take the leap towards a more reliable, cost effective, convenient, and responsive call center provider. Organisations are choosing cloud based call centers to fulfill their changing business goals. Some of the top few reasons that contribute to the success of cloud call centers include improved profitability, better security, flexibility in business operations, scalability, integrations, real time monitoring, speed of deployment etc. In this blog, we will briefly discuss a few of the reasons to choose cloud call center software for your business. Before moving further, let’s just understand the meaning of cloud call center software.  

    What is Cloud Call Center Software?

      Cloud call center software serves as a central platform that handles all your inbound and outbound telephony operations of your business. Key features include:
    • Servers and software hosted in a cloud data center
    • Telephony is available over the internet
    • Campaign, contact, lead and support workflows are fully integrated with telephony
    • The whole stack is browser based and your callers can work from anywhere
    These features mean that you don’t worry about mixing and matching various phone systems and CRM systems and manage all this software on-premises. You focus on running your process; from calling, routing, reporting, and measuring call center agent performance, all of it on your web based cloud contact center software. You can easily install, maintain, upgrade, and integrate it with your favorite business tools. And the best part is that you can do all this in no time and at minimal cost. It offers you more control and visibility to manage your business operations. A special note - Cloud Call Centers are now evolving into what are known as Cloud Contact Centers. The main difference between a call center and a contact center is the ability to interact with your customers and prospects via multiple channels on one platform. Channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Email, Web Tracking, Web Page Posts, Social Media etc.  

    Top 5 Reasons To Use Cloud Call Center Software



      Cloud call center software enables you to scale up or down with fluctuating business needs. This simply means that you can easily add agents without investing heavily on new hardware systems when your demand goes up, and you don’t have wasted hardware resources when demand goes down. Additionally you can also be scalable as you can have agents work remotely. You do not have to plan office space for peak usage which happens once in a while, you can design for a normal load and allow peak staff to overflow to work from home. Read on to know more about the scalability and business continuity benefits of cloud computing.  

    Feature Rich and Easy Integrations

      Most legacy call center software required a mix and match approach of integrating telephony with CRM’s, ticketing systems, lead management systems and other custom developed software. A Cloud Call Center Solution of today must provide all this functionality within to allow you and your agents to start working from day one without struggling with having to find all these in different solutions. The Cloud Call Center must have great telephony and great features so that you can make it work for your business in your way, rather than having to bend to the workflows that are built into the system. When the feature set of the Cloud Call Center doesn't quite match your needs, it should expose APIs and pre-set integrations so that you can reduce data exchange and data discrepancy issues. This way, your call center agents will be able to have more meaningful and quality customer interactions, and enable managers to monitor agent performance which in turn will lead to high productivity levels.  

    Remote Agents Work Better with Remote Monitoring

      With cloud call center software, you can work from anywhere, and at any time. The flexibility of working remotely comes along with cloud call center software. They not only allow call center agents to work from remote locations but also enable supervisors to track performance and monitor overall business operations. When you use cloud call center software, your call center managers are able to:
    • Live monitor agents that are logged in, on call or on break
    • Listen, whisper or barge into live calls so you can ensure that agents are sending the right messages with the right tone
    • Track performance of agents with great reports that show exactly what they did in detail and in summary. These reports should allow you to listen to call recordings for historical purposes
    • Track queues and capacity of agents against the workload of queues for inbound calls

    Enable Omni-Channel Communication

      If you are considering investing in a cloud call center software, opt for the one that has provision for adding communication channels. Doing this will allow you to offer a preferred communication channel to your customer. For instance, initially you may start with call, email, and chat but later might feel the need of adding other social platforms like Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook and Google’s business messages, and Facebook to meet your growing customer’s communication needs. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to buy an omnichannel software that strengthens your communication relationships with your customers.

    Quick Updates & Faster Implementation

      Legacy call center software takes time to implement and deploy as it is installed on the local server. Staying abreast with the latest upgrades and innovations is difficult and expensive too. On the other hand, setting up cloud-based call center solutions is much faster as you can access the software online. It means you can get your call center up and running quickly, and your call center agents can make calls and have conversations across diverse digital platforms. You can make this implementation process smooth by taking the help of vendors that sell cloud-based call center software. They offer implementation services that will make implementation simplified and pain-free for you.

    The Bottom Line

      Cloud based call center solutions add convenience, operational efficiency, and great functionality to your call center business. With the best of breed software powered by cloud technology, you can easily drive up the efficiency of all operations at your call center. In order to stay abreast with the technological advancement in communication channels, you need to embrace the power of cloud call center solutions to  not only cater to your customer’s present needs but meeting their future requirements as well.
  • 5 Ways to Improve Efficiency of Your Call Center Operations

    You may wonder who resorts to a call center for grievance redressal when you can contact companies via email, texting, social media, and web chats. But, the reality is different. Studies indicated that more than 50% of the customers with queries still prefer phone calls to reach out to customer care agents as they feel that they are heard patiently and given solutions quickly.   This is the perfect time to win the heart of your customers by offering them reliable and instant service on their preferred platform or channel, which indicates your call center operational efficiency needs to be at its top. Otherwise, you end up adding a dissatisfied customer (which, of course, you don't want). Let's understand the meaning of the call center operational efficiency.  

    Let’s Define “Efficiency” for Call Centers?

      Efficiency or Operational efficiency are the key metrics that define what output you get out of what you invest.  Whatever output you gain from your business in terms of profit, revenue, or cash, satisfaction by investing resources like people, time, hardware, software and other capital and operational costs.   Your process becomes more efficient when you get the same output metric while lowering cost and via reduced effort. More process efficiency would mean more profitability. Your focus should be on creating operational efficiencies and driving revenue growth. If you are able to make processes run swiftly, it will translate into improving customer experiences and bringing positive business results.  

    Quick Tips to Improve Efficiency of Your Call Center

      We've compiled the top 5 ways to improve efficiency of your call center that will help you gain customer satisfaction and reap profits.  

    To Gain Efficiency You Need a Framework

    If you have developed a QA framework for your call center, then congratulations! You are on the right path towards enhancing customer experience and building a good brand image. A call center's success and its productivity depend on how accurately you examine agent performance and use that information to boost customer experience.   With the help of a QA framework, you can collaborate effectively with your team, evaluate their performance and training, better understand the customer experience, and ultimately enhance operational efficiency. What's important here is that you must collect data using the advanced technology and relevant systems to see desired results.   If you are aiming to see good efficiency in your call center operations, there are certain questions you need to find answers for:  
    1. Who determines quality? Your customers, leadership, regulators, etc.?
    2. Which outcomes are you eyeing? Performance, innovation, compliance?
    3. What inputs are you referring to? Evaluations, analytics, surveys, or self-scoring?
    4. What drives quality? Systems, processes, self-managed, and needs?
    5. What are the metrics to measure success? Behaviors, NPS, Metrics, Feedback?
    6. How is quality improved?
      Chances are that you will have a matrix of metrics. For example, if you’re eyeing quality from the eyes of a customer, then you must provide satisfaction, which must include no wait time. This goal may be in direct conflict with another metric when eyed from the leadership team on reducing costs.  

    Keep Net Promoter Score (NPS) as a Key Evaluation Indicator

      As mentioned above - Offering positive customer experiences is the primary goal of call center operations. And to reach your goal, you need to find out if you are moving in the right direction to satisfy your customers. Here's where Net Promoter Score comes into the picture. It is the benchmark to measure customer loyalty and experience, which helps you to manage your call center operations strategically and tactically. You should ideally focus on getting a good score and converting maximum customers into your brand advocates. If you are able to achieve this, you will easily be able to surpass your competition and boost revenue. Here are some steps that you can take to improve NPS.  
    • Listen to conversations carefully and examine each customer call to find out if things are at the right place.
    • Keep an eye on your customers and take their feedback to know if they are Promoters, Passives, or Detractors.
    • Provide training to poor performers and make them outperformers.
    • Set attainable goals that are measurable and make sure to deliver consistent service.
    • Last and most important, don't forget to add the quality assurance framework that we mentioned above.

    Give Your Agents Tools and Information To Succeed

      Call center agents mostly have to deal with outdated technologies and lack of accessibility to real-time data.Therefore, it's crucial to optimize the workflow of call center agents to hit your goals. Here's how you can optimize call center workflow.  
    • Make an organizational chart to keep track of who is handling what, available tools, and most importantly, how enquiries are assigned.
    • Decide how you are going to entertain support tickets whether on the basis of first-come and first-serve basis or channel, and customer customer basis.
    • Segment customer service requests based on type: marketing, sales, etc.
    • Try implementing unique approaches to improve workflow efficiencies, like entertaining responses from your customers, management, and agents.

    Work on Average Handle Time (ATH) and other Important Metrics

    Average Handle Time is a predominant KPI to measure call center efficiency. It measures the average time customers spend on a call, inclusive of hold time and talk time. A low AHT indicates good agent performance, but you should also consider other vital metrics to measure call center efficiency.   Many call center agents find it difficult to reduce AHT as sometimes resolving queries quickly can negatively impact first call resolution, and you end up increasing repeated calls. Instead, start focusing on improving other metrics like critical business metrics, customer critical metrics, and process critical metrics. Adhering to these metrics will certainly improve call center performance.  

    Use Self-Evaluating Performance Tools for Feedback Loops

      It has been seen that empowered employees perform better and derive better job satisfaction from their jobs. They have incredible zeal to reach their goals and provide unmatched customer service. You can further help them enhance their efficiency by implementing call center agent feedback loops. Here are a few ways you can help boost your call center efficiency by creating feedback loops.  
    • Use call center agent scorecards and link their performance metrics to your business goals. The scores will encourage them to work harder towards their goals.
    • Discuss about their soft skills, compliance and outcomes. And motivate them to keep working on their lacunas.
    • Who doesn't like kind words? We, humans, love to hear good things about ourselves. Apply the same trick of verbally acknowledging your employees and rewarding them with timely positive feedback or gifts. When you reward top performers, fellow call center employees will get motivated and work hard to surpass those records.
      You need to dive deep into the performance metrics of your call center agents and identify areas of improvement. Outfit your call center agents with the right technology and solutions that help them streamline QA processes and improve agent productivity. The quick and easy way to improve efficiency of your call center operations is to switch to cloud based call center solutions. Trust us, you will thank us later!    By following the tips mentioned above and taking advantage of the best call center solutions, your call center will run efficiently while ensuring maximum customer satisfaction.  
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