Cold Calling Software

Why Cold Calling Software?

The simple reason for using cold calling software is that your efforts would almost guaranteed fail otherwise. Small business use all sorts of means of running campaigns – from simply trying to keep track on paper, excel or even CRM systems. Cold calling software is designed to do one thing and one thing only – enable you and your callers to call through large lists of prospects efficiently.



Why Aavaz?


The simple reason is that Aavaz is the best cold calling software available for small and medium business.There is no need to install expensive hardware, software and other telecommunications equipment. In fact you could you could even let your callers work from home.


We have years of expertise behind us and know that cold calling software must capture the best practices followed in large call centers. Most telemarketing efforts fail because small business in the past have not been able to use the kind of systems that are necessary to follow through on the efforts of calling. Aavaz enables you to manage your prospects, your callers and nurture your leads to close.