Inside Sales Software

What is Inside Sales?

Telemarketing is believed to have begun in the 1950s by Dial America Marketing, Inc. known as the first company to solely dedicate to phone sales. By the 1970s Telemarketing had emerged as a well known term among the masses. By the 1990s or early 2000s, the term “Inside Sales” was introduced to create a distinction between Outside sales & Inside sales.


Inside sales are often termed as professional sales done in-house using a phone or the web. Itis also called remote sales or virtual sales.


Inside sales require several calls or “multiple connect or touch points” in order to complete a sale. It can be done targeting B2B or B2C sales.


The meaning of Inside Sales is the same within every organization, only, sometimes, the name varies. The following terms are synonymous with the term “Inside Sales”:


  • Sales development
  • Account development
  • Business development
  • Account management



Why conduct Inside Sales?

Sales, growth, business development, repeat sales, customer loyalty are all reasons to have a robust Inside Sales program. Every company has one, whether run by the multi-role CEO of the company, or if it’s a standalone department within the organization.


It is important to consciously articulate an Inside Sales plan. This plan can start with a cold calling campaign, a follow up email, an in-person meeting for a demo of your product and then a close.


These are all communications that need to be ironed out and strategized before your Inside Sales plan kicks off.



Why Aavaz is good for Inside Sales?

Aavaz is easily the most productive, easy to use Inside Sales software that can be used by the small and medium scale businesses consisting of 15- 20 inside sales employees. Aavaz requires minimal training time and is embedded with features like:


    • Data Management
    • Call Recording
    • Automatic Lead Distribution
    • Click-to-dial with no additional charges