Outbound Dialers

What are Outbound Dialers?

That’s right – as the question implies, there are many different flavors of outbound dialers that are available. The only thing they have in common is that they automatically dial phone numbers. They broadly fall into the following categories.


  • Auto-Dialer
  • Predictive Dialer
  • Preview Dialer


Each of these outbound dialers are useful in different situations. Provided below are brief descriptions of each of these and when to best use them.


Remember that almost all forms of auto-dialers when not initiated by a real human have some legal restrictions on them in every country and state.



Auto Outbound Dialer (aka: Voice Broadcasting, RoboCallers, Outbound IVR)

These are systems that automatically initiate outbound calls. Outbound Dialers automatically call people play a message and hangup. More advanced systems may also include “interactive voice response” systems that will give the user options to select by pressing keys.


These systems are best used when doing customer service calls, surveys or anything that the person receiving the call would not mind receiving an automated call for. You would almost never use this system to do any lead generation or sales type calls.



Predictive Outbound Dialer

Predictive Outbound Dialers are designed to make sales people more efficient by eliminating dead time between calls. They do this by automatically dialing a few numbers and when somebody answers, connect them to a live person. They use real time statistics to determine when to dial again to try and not leave a person holding with no live person.


This is useful when your messages are fairly short and the list you’re calling is really cold (dirty and not properly segmented). The idea here is that when you have a very dirty list the percentage of time spent on dialing non performing numbers is pretty significant.


For these systems to be effective you must have a large number of a large number of callers, a larger number of telephone lines and huge lists that are pretty dirty.



Preview Outbound Dialer – Aavaz

Aavaz is a preview outbound dialer combined with list management and advanced tracking and lead management features. Preview dialers first let the caller preview some information on the person that they are dialing.They are best used in sales activities as informed callers are able to utilize the information to have more effective conversations to close whatever their particular campaign goal is.Aavaz also provides information on the number of times this person has previously been called and provides further intelligence as to make sure that all follow up information is also recorded in a way that can be followed up by any caller.