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Outbound Telemarketing

What is Outbound Telemarketing?

Outbound telemarketing is clearly differentiated from Inbound telemarketing. Outbound telemarketing is primarily used in two ways.

  • For sales
  • For customer service

As the name implies – your callers will call out to prospects that you think should be interested in your product or service. The trick is delivering the right message and more importantly – keeping track of your callers, prospects who have been called,prospects you still have to call, call backs, and following down every last lead to the fullest extent possible.


Aavaz has been designed to make your outbound sales activities easy, efficient and effective. With Aavaz you track all aspects of your outbound telemarketing campaigns to make sure you get the results that you are looking for.


Why Outbound Telemarketing?

The simple reason for outbound calling is that it is one of the most cost effective means of touching your market. Where as other means of marketing generally take a shotgun approach of hitting thousands of people in the hopes of grabbing your customers attention. With outbound telemarketing you talk to your prospect directly, and have the ability to grab their attention in person.


Why Aavaz?

The simple reason is that Aavaz makes outbound telemarketing a breeze for small and medium business. Most telemarketing efforts fail because small business in the past have not been able to use the kind of systems that are necessary to follow through on the efforts of calling. Aavaz enables you to manage your prospects, your callers and nurture your leads to close. Aavaz implements the best practice obtained from thousands of hours of outbound telemarketing experience – and the best part is that you don’t even have to know how to do it.


Call Center Suite

Click to Call Suite for marketing, sales and support

Mobile Solutions

Click to Call power with no infrastructure

Aavaz Box

Enable Click to Call with your own CRM

Aavaz call center software comes with outbound dialers, inbound IVR's and features that enable you to run your call center without worrying about IT.

Powerful Tracking

Integrated CRM, Ticketing System, Lead Follow Up, Call Back Tracking, Full Call History with Agent Monitoring out of the box

Feature Rich

IVR, PBX, Android, Skills Based Routing, Progressive Dialing – all available from day one


Mix and match landlines, smart phones and VOIP as needed


Workflows that are designed to maximize agent productivity

Aavaz Call Center Software Features

Click to Call Dialer
Virtual PBX System
Integrated CRM
Live Agent Monitoring
Call Recordings and Duration
Progressive Dialer
... and a lot more View all features
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Call Center Suite
Aavaz Call Center Suite (CCS) is the first full-featured product of it’s kind in India. It contains all components required to run a complete call center without having to mix, match and experiment, let’s you focus and achieve your goals efficiently without having to struggle with technology
- Aavaz -
Mobile Solutions
The Aavaz Mobile solutions enable a truly flexible and distributed work force. Your agents can be anywhere in office, on the road or even at home! You get visibility into calls with full tracking, live updates and call recordings

customer communication platform

your channels
  • Voice
    Powerful voice capabilities include full PBX functions, IVRs, skills based routing, live monitoring, call recordings, transfer and conference calls
  • Email
    Outbound and inbound emails with automated distribution, canned responses, send status and track opens
  • SMS
    Outbound and inbound text messaging with skills based routing, automated responses and more
  • Web Chat
    Chat with your customers from your website or application. Different pages can be configured to chat with relevant skilled agents.
  • Web Tracker
    Track prospects from landing to form fill. Automatically creates tags to gain customer insight, automate with tag scoring rules and more
  • Twitter
    Tweet directly with your customers for that special connect on sales and customer service
  • Coming Soon...
    Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger. We're adding channels!
Get visibility into your prospects with email, web tracking and more
Sales agents have full visibility into prospect activities, lead pipeline nurturing and communications best suited to their needs
Support staff know the customer inside out, creating amazing customer experiences and generate additional sales opportunities
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