Aavaz – A Web Based, Virtual, Outbound, Calling Solution For A Small Business Wanting Simple & Convenient Caller Management.

WHY did we launch Aavaz? What is our philosophy?

We launched Aavaz because we saw an opportunity to give small businesses the benefits of call center operations from the confines of their own offices.


As small business owners ourselves we wanted to run a professional calling campaign for marketing and lead generation. Our needs and budgets would not warrant employing a call center. But we wanted a product that offered the features and the benefits of a call center-like product that would run on its own tracks. We realized we were not alone.


Our Story

At the core, we are a technology solutions company (see Tekege.com). And in our dealings, we came across a client who wanted us to build a web-based outbound calling custom software solution for them. With time, our relationship grew from client/vendor to a vested partnership. Through this, we created a small business version of an extremely high-tech web-based software that is being used by multi-national corporations (MNCs). As we are part of a closed non-disclosure, we are unable to reveal our partner nor the MNC’s that are using the software. BUT, we can share that Aavaz was derived from this product. A product that was developed by some of the brightest and smartest thinkers in the call-center CRM industry. As entrepreneurs, we saw an opportunity un-matched by anything we have seen in the industry. We saw a product for ourselves and for like organizations such as ours– but with the expertise and flawless thinking that came from experienced telemarketers.


Our Product

Untitled1If you sign up for a Free Trial with Aavaz, you will see the simplicity and power that our product offers. It truly is- a class above anything else we have seen in the marketplace. Reverting back to our expertise with our clients at Tekege, we can confidently say that we are self-policing quality control agency. We put hundreds of man-hours (development man-hours at that) behind every product we create and Aavaz was treated in the same way.


We not only created this web-based calling solution, we also studied the marketplace, understood small business needs, understood the industries that would benefit from a product such as ours, understood our competition (including the “excel sheet” list that several small business owners use), and priced our product to be affordable. Our bottom line isn’t a high profit margin. It’s just right. Because, again, as small business owners ourselves, price mattered to us, and we’re sure it matters to you.


In a nutshell, our product is this: A web based, virtual, outbound, calling solution for a small business wanting simple & convenient caller management.


But we are so much more than that.


Untitled11Our goal, when creating Aavaz, was to create simplicity but not a simple product.


Aavaz is a complex and intuitive product that offers the opportunity for small business owners to run their calling campaigns as efficiently as a call-center would. And that was no small task for us.



Here is some of benefits which we offer:



1. Call Recordings: the ability listen to your callers via playbacks

2. Sales Goal Set Up

3. Individual caller reports to make sure your staff (who can sometimes be of the young, college variety) isn’t slacking off

4. Script entry

5. Call back reminders

6. Legends of notes on a single contact

7. Contact Info Append-ability Each of the above was a need that came out of our calling campaigns.


When we ran our campaigns, we felt it was important to have these features. We dabbled with every possible data-point that an admin would want to see/hear, and every possible object that a caller would encounter when making contact with a valuable lead.


Our Positioning

We are a small business, looking to grow, who have proudly co-authored a calling solution for like-organizations who want to grow.


So, when you read our articles and follow us in the social-sphere, you will be hearing us talk about small business growth challenges, marketing insights for small businesses, tips and tricks that we’ve learned about telemarketing, our opinions on other people’s opinions, and a lot about nurturing leads, contacts, calls and conversions. In our community-driven environment, we will be cautiously transparent (hey! We have competitors too, you know) so as to share whatever we’ve learned, ask whatever we haven’t, and discuss things we may or may not agree with. Our tech-background keeps us in a beta-mindset. So, feel free to suggest and test things too. It makes us wag our tails and perk up our ears!