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Aavaz Free PBX in the Cloud with GCP and Twilio
Some assumptions before you start: You have basic understanding of linux and docker You understand concepts of firewalls You have never worked with Google Cloud Platform (GCP) You have never worked with Twilio Overall Process Create an instance on GCP along with opening firewall rules Create a SIP trunk on Twilio Install Aavaz Free PBX on the GCP Virtual Machine Configure the Aavaz PBX from your browser Key Terms SIP Trunk is what allows you to call to Instance and Virtual machine are used interchangeably and are essentially like physical computers or servers
October 1, 2021 admin 207
Key Differences Between Business VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems You Should Know
Learn how to get started with the Aavaz Free PBX. You will learn how to deploy the Free PBX in GCP using Twilio as your voice provider/Telephone company. The article will give you all the steps to deploy an instance on GCP, install Aavaz PBX with docker, get a Twilio phone line and get started with making and receiving calls. Dive in if you have basic understanding of Linux, docker and firewalls. Don't worry if you've never worked with Google Cloud Platform(GCP) or Twilio. We will guide you through it.
August 11, 2021 admin 219