3 Reasons For Cost-Conscious Business Owners To Stop Using Excel For Telemarketing – Hint: It’s Expensive

I own a business (in-fact, a few). Costs are a real challenge for me because I am constantly playing the push and pull game with money. Thoughts like “should I hire people now to be ready for more business in the future or should I save money and scramble when business comes” are constantly doing their rounds in my mind.




I know you all relate. I haven’t yet met an entrepreneur who hasn’t faced these cost challenges. So when it comes to identifying and then purchasing cost-efficient tools for the long run like telemarketing software, I totally get why business owners hesitate. You see,  Aavaz is one of those products that is either the easiest sale or a really, really, really tough one. Here’s why–


Some business owners simply don’t understand the real costs associated with their existing system – be it MS Excel or something more exotic (We’ve seen people using paper and pen for tracking!).




They’re busy and are afraid of wasted time doing research and afraid of incurring more wasted time implementing a new system. With time being the most precious (and scant) commodity there is…I understand this challenge. I have addressed this with some pretty cool tips here http://bit.ly/16wNg49. But they’re doing themselves a disservice by not taking the time to truly understanding the cost-savings that are actually possible which is what I’d like to discuss now.


There are 3 major cost savings associated with switching to a more efficient software because you will:


1)      Save on Callers


2)      Save on Process


3)      Save on Leads


1) Save on Callers:

Let’s face it. Callers come and callers go. Calling isn’t the most attractive career in the market and few have the aptitude and persistence for it, which means hiring, training and re-training is an extremely expensive proposition. Aavaz is designed to be simple, intuitive, effective and best of all VIRTUAL.  You can hire less expensive callers from anywhere in the country (Alaska). Train them in minutes and not worry about the commute being a reason for them to quit. (Secretly) track every single click, call and sneeze to ensure quality (oh….and don’t worry if they do want to go, you’ll be able to transfer their work to someone else in Alaska in a minute……more on that later)




2) Save on Process:

As a business owner, you have to know everything about your business. But do you really want to know the best practices of surviving effective calling campaigns. Do you want to spend time learning/discovering that, and then teaching every caller, that you must enter data in Excel like so. It doesn’t work, even if you get it, the callers won’t. Aavaz is designed with industry best practices, your callers don’t even know it, but are calling like professionals from the minute they get on. You don’t have to learn/discover anything other than know that yours saving big on time, money and cost per lead.




Did you know that 7 is the industry recommended number of times that you should attempt to dial someone before giving up?


3)  Save on Leads: The most important metric you have for your calling campaigns in “cost per lead”. You pay money to get a list of prospects (or spend time mining them). You pay money to hire and train callers. You pay the telephone company for talk time and your callers by the hour to generate leads. You call hundreds of prospects to get a few leads. These leads are expensive; they’re like nuggets of gold. Do you want to lose them because your caller (in Alaska) decided to quit or forgot to track, or corrupted their Excel workbook. You want every single call-back, appointment and hick up tracked and followed up on, even if California sank into the Pacific Ocean.


I could go into 158 more reasons why you should switch… Interested in more? Send me an email or reach me at http://www.aavaz.biz/contact.html and we can talk at length about why I think you should switch to Aavaz.


Happy Savings!


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